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Maija Mänttäri-van der Kuip

A Presentation by Maija Mänttäri-van der Kuip, Postdoctoral Researcher (DSocSci)

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Social workers in child protection services function in a highly demanding context. Chronic haste, excessive case overload and a lack of qualified personnel are part of everyday practice on the frontlines, presenting additional challenges to intrinsically demanding work. Fulfilling one’s professional aspirations has become ever more challenging in the current era, leaving many workers distressed and burned out. This talk examines the experiences and conceptualizations of moral distress among social workers. In addition, initial results from an empirical study concerning the ethical capabilities and wellbeing of child protection social workers will be presented.

Dr. Maija Mänttäri-van der Kuip is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Psychology, and senior lecturer of social work at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). She is currently working on a research project which aims to enrich the understanding of the ethical capabilities and well-being of frontline social workers in the field of child protection. In addition, this ProCApable-project aspires to develop, implement and evaluate daily practices aiming at promoting the capabilities of social workers to practice in an ethically sustainable way.

A TATE Talks presentation by Maija Mänttäri-van der Kuip, Postdoctoral Researcher (DSocSci), from UNC-CH SSW on Vimeo.

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