Welcome to TATE Talks!

Tate Talks are inspired by John A. Tate, Jr., whose name the building that houses the UNC School of Social Work bears. As he was called by his friends, “Jack” was dedicated to thinking BIG. A banker by trade, he constantly sought new perspectives on social and health problems. At times audacious and always passionate, he was an articulate advocate for social change. He was effective as a public speaker, a fund raiser, and a backroom politician.

Tate Talks are designed to feature emerging ideas and concepts in social work and social welfare. Speakers are selected because they are on the cutting edge in their fields and are pressing the boundaries of knowledge through their scholarship and research.

Upcoming and Past Tate Talks

  • Building Community Capacity to Address Complex Problems Using Community-Based System Dynamics
  • Criminology & Public Health: An Overlooked Intersection
  • Bullying, School Violence, and Climate in Evolving Contexts
  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Achieve Population Health Goals: Applying SMART Research Designs with Adaptive Interventions
  • A Computational Social Science Perspective on Qualitative Data Exploration: Using Topic Models for the Descriptive Analysis of Text
  • The “Practice Doctorate” Degree: Implications for Social Work Education, Research and Practice
  • The Role of the Propensity Score in Observational Studies with Complex Data Structures
  • Cross-Cultural Bias in Clinical Assessment: Using New Metrics to Address Thorny Problems  in Practice and Research
  • Supporting the use of evidence to improve child and family outcomes: The role of context and stakeholders in implementation science
  • Ensuring Healthy Youth Development: The Power of Prevention
  • Foster Care: Why Independent Living Is Getting It All Wrong and How We Can Get It Right
  • Evidence and Evidence Use: Whose Business Is It, Anyway?
  • Racial Orders and Statistical Methodology
  • Is the Swedish Universal Access Model for Addiction Treatment an Alternative to the US Model: A Longitudinal Registry Study
  • Nurturing mindfulness in children and their caregivers: Advancing the science and  practice of awareness and caring
  • Poverty in Shanghai: Emerging Social Work Solutions
  • Everyday Matters: Understanding how daily parent-child interactions may be linked to youth health
  • The Social Enterprise State: A Storm Is Rising
  • Pearls of Wisdom in Causal Analysis: The Directed Acyclic Graph
  • Images at Work: How Images can Help Us Think and Act Differently.
  • Understanding Big Data Analytics for Research

Check back often! More Tate Talks will be coming soon!