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Meihua Zhu

A Presentation by Meihua Zhu, PhD

Monday, April 6, 2015

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China has now experienced several decades of rapid economic development following the “reform and opening” that began in 1978. Yet, poverty, both urban and rural, is still a critical issue in China. This TateTalk will focus on urban poor families in Shanghai and how social work, an emerging profession in China, is engaged in improving their lives.

Meihua Zhu, MSW, ML, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Social Work at East China University of Science & Technology in Shanghai China. She is also the board member of Chinese Association of Social Work Education, Vice Chairman of Social Work Association of Pudong in Shanghai, and Chairman of the Board of Social Work Agency for Public Affairs. Her research focuses on social work practice with children and families, NGO’s and social policy.  She has extensive practice and teaching experience and publishes in social work education and practice.


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