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Terese Gatz, PhD

A Presentation by Terese Glatz, PhD

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Click here to view the presentation slides.

Dr. Glatz’s presentation will focus on parents’ self-efficacy (PSE) among parents of children and adolescents. PSE is defined as parents’ beliefs in their ability to have a positive influence on their children’s adjustment and development. Dr. Glatz will present her research on reasons why some parents feel less efficacious and how this can influence their parenting practices and relation with their child. She will also presents results on ways to prevent parents’ feelings of low efficacy.

Terese Glatz is an Associate Professor in Psychology, School of Law, Psychology, and Social Work at Örebro University in Örebro, Sweden. Dr. Glatz’s research focus is parenting, parent-child relationships, and children’s and adolescents’ development. She has a specific focus on how parents think and perceive their own parenting role, what can influence their sense of competence as parents, and how this makes them relate and behave towards their children. Another research area concerns violence and hostile interactions within the family environment.

A TATE Talks presentation by Terese Glatz, PhD from UNC-CH SSW on Vimeo.

Contact Gary Cuddeback, or 919.962.4363 for more information


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