Kirsten Kainz

A Presentation by Kirsten Kainz, PhD

Monday, February 8, 2016

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Kirsten Kainz will discuss the evidence-based policy and practice movement, exploring issues related to types of evidence and uses of evidence, asking challenging questions about whose evidence matters in what circumstances.

The audience will be asked to consider the implications for university researchers, especially those who serve to build knowledge in practice communities grounded in the promotion of social justice.

Kirsten Kainz is Director of Statistics at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, Fixed-Term Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, and member of the newly forming Consortium for Statistical Design and Consultation in the School of Social Work. Kainz studies the relations between policies, practices, and children’s development in the context of poverty within the United States. Her work has appeared in scholarly journals, think tank blogs, online magazines, and scraps of paper in public schools across the nation.

Papers by Dr. Kainz

An Integrated Embedded Research Agenda for Agile Implementation Frameworks


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